ShareChat is proud to announce the start of a new GTL Series, where we invite eminent leaders from Product, Technology, and Data Science domains to share the wisdom accumulated across their years of experience, helping all those of us aspiring to be the best, and learn from the best.

For the first of this series on June 19, 2021, we had invited Manik Gupta, the ex-CPO of Uber and the former Director of Product Management for Google Maps. Interviewing him from our side was Ankush Sachdeva, co-founder and CEO of ShareChat and Moj

Introduction to Manik Gupta

Manik Gupta is…

Multimodal Automated Content Moderation (Part III)

Written by: Rishubh Parihar, Vikram Gupta, Debdoot Mukherjee

In the previous parts (Part 1, Part2) of this series, we discussed how our multimodal machine learning algorithms help us detect Integrity Violating Content (IVC). We have also explored the importance of Continual Learning for updating our models to capture the latest data trends and Knowledge Distillation to decrease the memory and computation footprints of these models to process millions of posts every day.

While our models demonstrate amazing speed and accuracy, they are data-hungry and require many labelled data for training. Labelling this data is…

Written by Nishad Shah, Sameer Gupta, Mithun Madhusudan

When A16Z, one of the marquee investors in the US tech ecosystem, came out with its “Social strikes back” thesis last year, it set off a flutter amongst investors and entrepreneurs in the US. The narrative marked a reprise in the consumer social category, something that everyone had considered to be saturated and mature for anyone beyond Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat in the US. When the Clubhouse wave hit with its new model of live audio and social, everyone started questioning why consumer social had been left for dead as a category.

Observers of the…

Multimodal Automated Content Moderation (Part II)

Written by Rishubh Parihar, Jatin Mandav, Srijan Saket, Sanjit Jain, Vikram Gupta, Debdoot Mukherjee

Videos are an expressive, engaging and entertaining form of content. However, from a machine learning point of view, videos are incredibly complex as the information flows in both spatial and temporal dimensions. Moreover, videos also have an audio channel as well as textual channel in the form of transcriptions.

Holistically understanding the interplay of temporal and spatial dimensions as well as different modalities in a time-efficient fashion is crucial for providing a good user experience at ShareChat and Moj.


Preserving Integrity at ShareChat & Moj (Part I)

Written by Jatin Mandav, Rishubh Parihar, Srijan Saket, Vikram Gupta, Debdoot Mukherjee

Millions of posts are created every day on ShareChat and Moj which makes timely and precise detection of Integrity Violating Content (IVC) crucial for ensuring the safety of our users and the integrity of our platform. Due to the sheer volume of these posts, it is not possible to moderate every post manually, thus our content moderators are assisted with our advanced multimodal algorithms to flag suspicious content and route them through the moderation workflow.

Since these posts are in…

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